Trade Show & Event Videos

We love event and sizzle video production. Some of our favorite work has been for major events—and we’ve been lucky enough to see more than a few of our videos playing on massive 10:1 aspect ratio screens with multiple projectors.

Event and sizzle videos can inspire and rally a captive audience around something they all care about. They’re an opportunity to play with your organization’s characters and groups with stories and humor.

Event and sizzle videos can provide a vehicle for surprise—and inside jokes. Or tell complex or emotional stories that grab your audience.

The Message

A trade show environment is chaotic and loud. One way to effectively use a corporate video is to present the information in short video clips. As people pass by the booth they will see at least one message. When they come by again, they will see another message. It’s rare that anyone would watch an entire video in a noisy frenetic place, that’s why this approach is so effective.

Live video elements or video presentations are great ways to draw crowds and promote your products and brand at your next trade show or event.

At trade shows, environmental motion graphics are a great way to accent your booth and attract attention to your booth. You can also use video in the form of self-playing kiosks or stations at your booth to serve a variety or purposes such as to educate, inform, promote or sell.

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