Landing and Splash Page Videos

Getting your product or service in front of millions is no longer exclusively achieved through broadcast TV. With the web and social media, you have an immediate, more personal, cost-effective video delivery method – and no need for a huge media buy.

Using video on a landing page can increase conversion by up to 86%.

This statistic comes from a study by EyeView on various ecommerce sites.

In the study, two different variations of the same website were built, with 50% of the traffic being directed to a landing page with an embedded video, the other 50% directed to a page without.

The website that achieved the largest conversion rate (86%) was an online tutoring service. This is clearly the type of company that would naturally benefit from a landing page video, as most of its content is likely to be delivered via that medium anyway. It’s a free ‘sampler’, a way to show how professional and useful your service is before the visitor has signed up for a subscription.

Video is one of the best and most persuasive of all visual tools as it’s capable of delivering large amounts of information quickly and succinctly. Especially if it’s about a new service or product. Videos also increase the length of a visitor’s stay. If you feature your own face, or the face of an employee in a video, a visitor is more likely to trust you. Videos can help strengthen your online presence, and videos can also help you rank higher in SERPs.

We are experienced in production of both television spots as well as the ubiquitous web commercial. Your product or company needs that front page video that plays when arriving at your site, we’ve got the knowledge, experience, and the creative to make your perfect pitch video.

INLINE is a is a hybrid between a creative agency and video production company, we can deliver original concepts and high production quality to connect with your audience in a meaningful way.

Google Knows That Video Works

Google has been studying the impact of video for a long time now. In April of this year, it shared that 65 percent of YouTube TrueView campaigns drove a “significant” lift (average 13 percent) in brand interest.

It’s already been experimenting with video in the Universal Search results on the organic side of things for years, and according to a 2015 study from Searchmetrics, video shows up 14 percent of the time in search results; of that, 82 percent of videos are from YouTube.

That same study showed Google Shopping results showed up 44 percent of the time, and let’s not forget the TrueView for shopping features that were introduced in May. This could prime advertisers for killer product videos in Shopping results. In fact, some brands that have tested TrueView for shopping are touting an increase in revenue.

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