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November 15, 2016
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In terms of creating brand awareness, engagement and everything in between, video is the bold new frontier we’ve all been waiting for. According to Hubspot, 1/3 of all activity taking place online is spent watching video. 75% of all online video viewers watch at least one video add each month, with the average being exposed to 32.3 videos in a month.

Though video is undeniably important, the role of video producers and production companies in these efforts is one that tends to cause a fair bit of confusion. After all, if you’ve shot a video yourself for your brand, are you not already a video producer? What can video producers actually do that you can’t do yourself?

The answer, as it turns out, is “quite a lot.”

Staying Ahead of the Latest Trends

One of the major benefits that video producers bring to the table (along with the production companies they work for) is the type of invaluable insight necessary to always stay ahead of the latest trends. Case in point:

At first glance, these two statistics may seem completely at odds with one another. At the very least, one must be wrong, right? Not necessarily – it just means that while viewers are watching less traditional network television, their consumption of video on the Internet is actually INCREASING. What’s more, they’re choosing to watch that Internet video on TV sets via set-top boxes and other streaming devices.

A quality video producer can help you create content that has one foot firmly planted in both worlds, optimizing your message and presenting it in the best possible way REGARDLESS of how people end up experiencing it.

Video Producers Can Build Your Efforts AROUND Your Videos, and Vice Versa

Another major asset that video producers and production companies bring to the table is the ability to make sure that video doesn’t REPLACE your existing efforts, but complement them. Video is a powerful tool on its own, but when taken as one integral pillar in the foundation of your entire campaign, you’re looking at something truly extraordinary.

  • Video has been proven to increase everything from email open rates to conversion rates for your landing pages.
  • 73% of all B2B marketers said that video positively affected their other marketing efforts.
  • Another 75% said that properly optimized video was doing wonders for their SEO efforts.

Video producers are people who know how to make sure your video is MORE than just a video. They know how to guarantee that it’s something that actually functions on its own but still contributes to the greater good at the exact same time.

These are just a few of the major benefits that not only video producers, but also professional video production companies, bring to the table in terms of brand outreach, awareness and beyond. If you’re in the Columbus OH area and are yearning for the type of collaborative, creativity-driven partnership that you want to get the results you deserve, don’t delay – contact INLINE Productions today for more information.

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