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March 31, 2017
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In the world of marketing, there’s an old rule that you should always keep coming back to: “never TELL someone something when you can SHOW it to them.” In many ways, that’s what a video brochure is all about. Instead of handing someone a piece of paper filled with technical specifications about a product or service, you can use the wonders of video to SHOW them those same qualities in stunning detail.

The Many Uses of Video Brochures

One of the major reasons why video brochures have become so popular in recent years is because it’s hard to find a more versatile format. Companies have been using video brochures for everything from:

  • Sales (showing off new products or services to customers)
  • Fundraising
  • Training and recruiting in terms of their existing and future employees
  • Generating increased exposure due to the uniqueness of the format
  • And so much more

Video brochures can also be an ideal format for transplanting certain other types of content into the digital world. Take case studies, for example. Case studies have always been valuable because of the high quality of the writing, along with the superior level of detail they’re able to provide. If one of your clients had a problem that you solved with your product, a case study would be a great way to broadcast that far and wide.

A video brochure, on the other hand, would be a BETTER way to accomplish the same thing. You can SHOW footage of the problem your client was having. You can let them speak directly to the challenges they faced and the way only you could help them out in a testimonial. You can let your audience SEE your product or service in action in this very specific real-world environment, bringing it all together. To that end, video brochures are a great way to update something like the case study for the digital age.

The Benefits of Video Brochures

In terms of your marketing budget, the major benefit that video brochures bring to the table is one of efficiency. The video content that powers the brochures can be easily changed, allowing you to re-use them again and again in new ways WITHOUT spending the money to print thousands of new brochures every time you want to change your message.

In addition to higher levels of engagement because of the “WOW” factor, video brochures are also much more memorable than standard printed content. Studies have been conducted that show that people only remember about 20% of the content they read, even as soon as three days later. If you’re able to pair that same messaging up with a relevant image (as is the case with a video brochure), that number jumps up to an incredible 80%.

INLINE Productions

Video production companies are a dime a dozen – which is why at INLINE Productions, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer you more than just digital collateral. We take the time to get to know each client on an individual basis, allowing us to best represent your products, your services and your brand in the way your audience will be the most receptive to. If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area and would like to find out more information about the benefits of video brochures or any other type of digital content, please don’t delay – contact us today.

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