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April 30, 2017
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When you consider the fact that social networking giant Facebook is now closing in on two billion worldwide users, it’s easy to see why Facebook video ads are so important. They’re simultaneously one of the most high quality and cost effective ways to reach the widest possible audience. However, effective Facebook videos are every bit as much an art as they are a science. To that end, paying attention to how your competitors are marketing themselves on Facebook can be a great way to find out what to do – along with what to avoid.

The Lessons Your Competitors Can Teach You From Facebook Video Ads

  1. How long are their Facebook video ads? Is the length that they’re currently using too long or too short? If you’re both going after the same audience, it stands to reason that you should both be trying to hit the same target in this regard.
  2. How often are they publishing new Facebook video ad content? Do their users think this is too often or too infrequently?
  3. How are they interacting with users? Do they use Facebook video ads as simple commercials or as conversation starters on their business pages?
  4. What types of ads are they producing? Are they essentially digital commercials or are they things like product demonstrations as well?
  5. How successful are they, at the end of the day? Have they given you a perfect template to follow or a terrific guide of what NOT to do?
  6. How timely are their Facebook videos? Are they insular in that they’re always directly related to the business or do they try to incorporate trending topics and other hot button issues?
  7. What results are their ads generating? Do they always seem to see an increase in user activity following the publication of an ad?
  8. Where are these ads appearing? What type of places do they seem to be targeting to attract attention?
  9. Are they trying to appeal to a very wide audience with a wide range of ads? Or is it clear that they’re only going after one demographic in particular, like men or women?
  10. Did one particular Facebook ad cause controversy due to its content? Was it particularly negatively received or deemed offensive? Why did this happen? What caused the audience to react that way? What did your competitor do about it?

These are the actionable things you should be paying attention to in terms of your competitor’s Facebook video ads, but remember: no two audiences are created equally. Ultimately, whether your competitor is making mistake after mistake or is hitting it out of the park will come down to who you’re both trying to serve and what they actually want.

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