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InLine brings quality and integrity to the multimedia and communications industry. With special expertise in multi-media communications and exceptional state-of-the-art technical resources, InLine is well positioned to partner with your companyto leverage your competitive advantage, maximize brand impact, attract...

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As the digital evolution rapidly evolves, communications professionals face challenges and unparalleled opportunities to harness better and smarter relationships with stakeholders.

As a turn-key multimedia production house, InLine brings together top talent and premier technology to create compelling video experiences for any need - and on any scale. Whether it's a broadcast commercial, sales video, mood-setting meeting opener, or an iPhone-distributed marketing spot, we're built to create a world-class experience for your audience.

Communications teams at all organizations need to master the new tools, skills and approaches to traditional practices as Video Blogs, YouTube, Facebook and social networks become the norm, and more advanced technologies expand communications capabilities every day.

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